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About Me

Hey! My name is Ashley Smith and I am a gameplay engineer at Jagex!

I love to undertake personal projects to challenge, adapt and extend my evolving skillset — I try to never stop learning.

Haskell and Common Lisp are my favourite languages to work with, but I have the most experience with C++ followed by C# and Lua for indie game and engine development. I have a keen interest in the applications and methods of adopting the functional programming paradigm in games.

Currently, I am most captivated by Godot for my hobby projects, but in the past I have enjoyed using GLFW or SFML while trying to build games without an established engine. At work, I extensively use the Unreal Engine, although I do have past experience with Unity.

Regardless of experience, I will always consider myself a beginner. It’s my way of keeping an open mind about the software patterns and technologies I’m yet to discover.

Interests and Aspirations

Functional Programming

I truly believe that functional programming is one of the most mind-broadening subjects one could study in the field of computer science. I owe a lot of my academic and work-related successes to the lessons I learned from functional programming.

Game Development

I don’t have anything against software or web development, but there’s something special about how creativity and logic can manifest into something that brings joy to others. There’s a game out there for everyone, and we make them!


Since school, I’ve always endeavored to share the interesting things I’ve learned in one way or another. In my efforts to contribute to knowledge, I’ve made numerous tutorials in various forms, and I will continue to try teaching and inspiring others.

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