Photo of myself

Hey! My name is Ashley Smith and I am a gameplay engineer at Jagex!

I love to undertake personal projects to challenge, adapt and extend my evolving skillset — I try to never stop learning.

Professionally, I have the most experience with C++ after graduating university and spending 2 years in the games industry working with the Unreal Engine. Personally, however, my favourite language is Haskell as I have a keen interest in the applications and methods of adopting the functional paradigm in games.

Currently, I am captivated by Nix Ecosystem and enjoying the use of declarative tooling for my personal projects. At work, I am trying to work on my management and leadership skills in an effort to reach the next step of my career.

Regardless of experience, I will always consider myself a beginner. It’s my way of keeping an open mind about the software patterns and technologies I’m yet to discover.