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Hey everyone! So this is my first ‘meta’ post which indicates that this blog post is related to my blog itself!

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before, but is an incredible place filled with rich content written by developers just like myself! I’ve been reading and learning a few new things there the past few days, and figured that it’s time to join them. You can find my profile at

I’ve set up my RSS feed not only so that RSS readers have access to my content, but also so that I can pull my posts from my site onto This means that I have a good starting point when it comes to formatting my posts and preparing them for cross-posting. The workflow is really nice, and although it could be better if I managed to get the GitHub action ‘publish to’ working, I don’t write a lot and having an opportunity to manually adjust content before posting feels good to me.

I’m hoping that cross-posting my content both introduces people to who I am and what I do and what I’m about, while also giving me a chance to produce more/better content as my blogging career continues. Even though I am talking about, my priority is and always will be my private space of the internet, Posts will always be written here (or there, depending on where you’re reading this!) first, and then I’ll cross-post shortly after.

I will say that I have some hand-crafted things for my website, such as captions and galleries, and so readers on may not be able to experience the same things. That said, if you’re on then you’ll be accustomed and potentially even fond of the consistent and streamlined styling across all content on the site, so I’m sure this isn’t a problem.

And that’s about it for today’s post — I don’t want to drag this out to be longer than necessary! Like I said in my last post, expect to see some new posts coming soon related to Outer Wilds and NixOS, as well as (hopefully) a brand new page on the website that’s like a roadmap of my life.

And if you’re reading this from, welcome!

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