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Redux For Games

A remake of my Alacrity in a homemade engine.

Alacrity was really successful, but I didn't like the fact that it wasn't cross platform. To test myself even further I wanted to try porting it to OpenGL.
Ashley Smith
Repository - ReduxForGames

A link to the GitHub repository can be found here.

What is this?

A remake of my university assignmment, Alacrity, made in my own engine!

This is merely a test of my ability. I am simply reusing code from another project to test my SDL+OpenGL engine I have spent the last few nights agonising over. Problems will be fixed depending on whether or not I choose to submit this or my DirectX version. I would heavily consider the build in its current state broken because of level 4. Also, the UI has not been ported across yet.


  • SDL2
  • GLM
  • GLEW
  • SOIL

Wanna Play?

Just unzip the debug folder and hit that .exe!

Bugs? Yes.

This game is a port from an assignment I worked on with DirectX. I am simply reusing the code to test if it works (spoiler: turns out it does), but it has a long way to go. Anyway, there are a lot of things that aren’t jamming — you will find the 4th level problematic in movement and I have also experienced a crash in the game upon travelling to the back-right edge of the level.

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